Find out how you can help, Register Now. was established to help communities impacted by the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

The founder of Spring Break Relief, Benjamin Brigham, was beginning a Master's degree at the University of Washington's School of Marine Affairs when the tsunami struck. He was studying Marine Recreation and Tourism and has since written his Master's Thesis, titled "Destination Recovery: a case study of Thailand's Andaman Destinations in the Wake of the December 16, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami."

The goal of was to send 1000 college students from America to those communities, which would provide a desperately needed economic boost to those communities and, more importantly, would deliver a Message of Hope and an expression of solidarity.

It has evolved into an annual Spring Break option for college students who want to make a difference with their Spring Break time and money. Each year, a destination that needing an economic boost will be selected as the featured destination.

Spring Break 2009

This year, we are going to Vietnam (Full Details). If you are interested in joining during your break, please Register by clicking on the link to the right and we will add you to the email list to receive details.

Destinations in Distress

We encourage members of tourist communities impacted by natural disasters to contact us about becoming the featured destination of

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